As I have learned over the last twenty years from the ownership of a publishing concern to working on television to directing a feature film; flexibility and organization is critical for success. I developed The Ashton Times to not only promote my current business ventures, but as a central location for services I offer on a contract basis.



As a producer and director of major events, TV commercials, video, stage and film projects, I take pride in my solid organizational skills, the ability to recruit outstanding cast and crew and delivering a marketable product on time and on (or under) budget.



I started work in this area when I wrote national direct response TV commercials to sell magazine subscriptions which then led to corporate promotional videos and, eventually, to feature length scripts that resulted in award nominations and wins.



From over three hundred TV appearances as an analyst and spokesperson, to acting in commercials and films, diversity as a performer is paramount as well as the ability to engage an audience.



You can have the greatest product in the world, but if nobody knows about it nobody will buy it. Establishing a vibrant marketing program and media plan takes more than a web site and a Facebook page, it’s about what you’re communicating, who you are communicating it to and what platform you are using to broadcast your message. I’ve created a wide array of campaigns that have enveloped both traditional and digital marketing channels. They all have a place and all can be achieved on a competitive budget with profitable results.



Launching and running a new company or program is exciting but can also be overwhelming. You can talk to one hundred people and get two hundred opinions on what they think you should do. Having launched, developed and operated successful corporations and programs, I can get you on track to accomplish your goals.



An industry that once thrived in print has long migrated to electronic platforms. As a magazine publisher, I was an early adopter of developing and marketing web sites as complimentary businesses and revenue sources. In today’s world of mobile applications, tablets, and print on demand, the cost barrier to entry has come down considerably.


In summary, no project is too big or too small. Mark Lund can be contacted at for a confidential discussion and on LinkedIn.

“Mark always delivers on what he promises and works harder than anyone I know.”
David Baden
Vice President, Olympic Clients at IMG