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Mark Lund is an award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter and publisher. He's also a television personality, producer and actor.

In 1993 Mark Lund founded International Figure Skating magazine and built it into the world’s largest magazine for the sport and with it Ashton International Media into a $4 million enterprise that included six magazines along with a cruise travel and special events division.

In 2002 Lund authored his first book Frozen Assets: The New Order of Figure Skating.

Since 1994 Lund has been selected by television and media outlets to analyze the sport of figure skating. His most notable work came during the 2002 Winter Olympics, where he made over 220 appearances on domestic and international TV networks, including CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, ESPN, BBC, NPR, CBC and CTV. His work in the sport of figure skating landed him as a judge on FOX’s Skating with Celebrities in 2006.

After Ashton International Media Lund founded Scene, a contemporary newsmagazine that was distributed in nine countries.

During Ashton and Scene, his production of direct response TV commercials, major events, and video projects have been broadcast on ABC, ESPN, TBS, LOGO, and Royal Caribbean International.

Leaving Scene in 2006, Lund combined his passion for science fiction and space exploration and wrote the feature-length screenplay, First World.  Nominated for screenplay awards at the California Independent Film Festival, The Movie Deal and Fantastic Planet Film Festival, Lund condensed the story and produced a 25-minute short film version that screened at 20 sci-fi conventions in the United States, Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Ireland and India. First World was released on Amazon and Hulu in 2009.

In 2008 Lund served as Director of an IMTA talent/modeling program. His 20 students achieved great success at the IMTA New York City convention that year with over 120 callbacks and 100+ awards.

From 2009-2010 Lund was the drama director for Becker College where he produced/directed Break Fast, Antigone Now and The Long Red Herring – resurrecting the school’s drama program after a 20-year hiatus. Later that year he wrote the screenplay Justice Is Mind based on thought-identification technology and neurolaw.

In 2011 his ebook First World: Covenant, a prequel novella to the screenplay First World, was published. That fall, Lund produced and directed the short film Evidence based on Justice Is Mind.

Premiering Evidence theatrically in early 2012, Lund secured funding to produce the feature length version. Justice Is Mind had its world premiere at The Palace Theatre in Albany, NY on August 18, 2013 as part of the Capital District Film Festival. Justice Is Mind had 21 screenings to enthusiastic audiences at select theatres, universities and sci-fi conventions. Justice Is Mind had its international premiere on Cunard Line’s Queen Elizabeth in 2014. According to IMDb, Justice Is Mind finished 2013 as the 8th “Highest Rated Independent Film Feature Films Released” and 2014 in the top 1% of all entries. Justice Is Mind is now available on a variety of VOD platforms including Amazon Prime and Tubi.

Lund returned to figure skating in 2016 with Serpentine. In this Cold War modern day political thriller, Lund directed the first ten pages of the script to develop interest in the project. Serpentine: The Short Program was released in 2017.

From 2016-2018 Lund played an NCIS Special Agent in the Naval Justice School’s mock trial program. Lund directed the fourteen actors in the program on behalf of U.S. government contractors.

In July 2019 Lund wrapped principal photography on his second feature film First Signal. A prequel to First World, First Signal had its world premiere at the Greenfield Garden Cinemas in Greenfield, MA on March 26, 2021. Called, “An Impressive Accomplishment” by Film Threat magazine, First Signal was an official selection of 28 film festivals, winning 17 and was in the top 1% of all entries on IMDb.  First Signal is now available on several VOD platforms including Amazon PrimeTubi and Vudu. On YouTube, First Signal has received over 1M views

First Launch, the sequel to First Signal, has won 14 film festivals to date – Including Best Screenplay, Best Feature Script, and Best Sci-Fi Screenplay.

Other projects in development through The Ashton Times include In Mind We Trust, the sequel to Justice Is Mind, and SOS United States a political thriller. 

"Mark is wonderful, engaging
TV personality." 
Red Brick Entertainment
Skating With Celebrities
"It’s Mark Lund’s writing that makes these interactions what they are, for there is so much intelligence in the dialogue." 
Unsung Films review
Justice Is Mind
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